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How did it all start?
One might say I've always been destined to write (pompous bastards).
Growing up, I watched a lot of great (ALL IN THE FAMILY, MASH, STAR TREK,
CHEERS, SEINFELD, and more) and not so great (WELCOME BACK KOTTER,
CHARLIE'S ANGELS, STAR TREK VOYAGER, etc.) Television shows. The
difference? Sometimes after watching a show, especially the bad ones,
I'd write a logline (whatever that was) of MY episode - No, not The David
Cribbs Show
(I'm available!) or even an episode featuring me (still
available). I might even flesh out the whole story (who needs a staff?).
I did this a lot - I have about a seasons worth of Star Trek Voyager
episodes (maybe Paramount will bring it back - hey, it could happen). Okay, so when did I actually begin to write scripts? The ball started
to roll at a Sci-Fi Convention (seriously). At this Con, there was some
guy named, James Marsters - I'd never heard of him, although everyone
else did. He seemed like a cool guy and I decided to watch his show,
BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. That show changed everything (Ahem, for me).
Within 2 months, I saw every old episode (thanks to Fox FX Channel and
DVD's). The brilliant writing inspired me to take Screenwriting classes
at a local Community College (American River College - Go Beavers!) in
Sacramento and I've been writing ever since. What's with the name?
Who ever heard of "Future Memoirs of a Screenwriter"?  What's it even
mean? I considered about 2 dozen names and narrowed it down to:
Diary of a wannabe Screenwriter.
Memoirs of a Future Screenwriter.
Memoirs of a Wannabe Screenwriter.
But wasn't satisfied with any of them. I found myself at yet another
Sci-Fi Convention (I'm a nerd) and chatted with Wil Wheaton, who runs
a very successful site (wilwheaton.net). I asked for his opinion and,
not liking any of the choices, he suggested Future Memoirs of a Screenwriter.
I liked it. So, Wesley Crusher gets the props - if you hate the name,
click his link and complain to him (Just kidding).
The Meaning - I've never had a script sell. I don't have an Agent nor
Manager. The closest I've come to success has been a very polite
rejection letter. I'm an unknown writer. You've never heard of me. Hell,
I've never heard of me! So, the title represents the perseverence, dash of skill, pinch of
continually learning the craft, blend in Networking, and fill to the rim with the luck that
it takes to create a Screenwriter (mostly, it's just luck...and a great spec).
To learn every facet of Television Production, eventually rising to Executive Producer.
Does this mean I'm so delusional I think I can walk into Hollywood and become a Showrunner?
Hell no! It does mean I want to learn everything it takes to make a show and, years
from now, I hope I have what it takes to run my own show. I know I'll have to start off
at the bottom - everybody does. Well, that's my story. I hope you enjoy my site (because
it's a pain in the ass to do). CONTACT ME at: david@cribbs.cc

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